Re: [rp-ml] Z-Corp - prices of powder and binder?

Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 16:34:51 EET


I have a copy of the Z-Corp USA price list in front of me, and I'm sure
glad it is in US $. I don't know a whole lot about Euros or the conversion
rates, but I'll list the US cost for you.

ZP102 $385 US (not $772)
ZB56 $295 US (not $615)

Good luck with this one!!



             Geir Gu)#mundsson
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             03/03/2005 10:33 [rp-ml] Z-Corp - prices of powder
             AM and binder?

Dear listmembers and owners of Z-corp 3Dprinters,

We at IceTec have a Z406 colour 3Dprinter from Z-Corp.

We noticed that the prices of supplies have gone up
more than 33% when we recived our last order.

We got no explaination from our distributor and would
therefore like to ask if anyone of you, who have Z-Corp
3D printer, have notice similar rise in price of supplies?

We pay 772 USD / 595 Euros for 500 cubic inch bin
of z102 plaster powder (1.55 USD pr. cubic inch)

We pay 615 USD / 474 Euros for 1 gallon of ZB56
clear binder.

When you add the cost of printheads , 90% recycling
of powder and cost of washing fluid, then the
material cost per cubic inch, far exceds the 1 - 2 USD
pr. cubic inch, which Z-Corp advertise on its webpage

I would appreciate if anyone of you could inform me
of the material prices you are paying in your country.

Thank in advance
and best regards,


Geir Gudmundsson
Verkefnisstjori / project manager
Idntaeknistofnun Islands / IceTec (
112 Reykjavik
Tel: (+354) 570 7100 / Direct (+354) 570 7192
Fax: (+354) 570 7111 / Mobile (+354) 899 1832

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