[rp-ml] RP Buddha Statue to be part of Relic Tour

From: Alair Emory (alaire@javelin3d.com)
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 18:33:27 EET

Dear List:

A few years back my company built two very large (20 foot) Buddha
Statues for the Maitreya Project. These statues were reverse
engineered from a 4-foot hand sculpted statue and then the CAD model
was built using a developmental RP system pioneered by Dr. Charles
Thomas at the U of U. This system used 1/4" foam sheets and a water
jet system to allow one to build 4 foot by five sections using RP
technology. One statue was sent to a Buddhist Center in California and
the other was shipped to India.

One of the statues that we built will now be included in a Buddhist
Relics tour that is scheduled to tour the world through 2008 as they
begin the building of the 500 foot statue that they have plans for in
India. I have included below the organization's press release about
the kick-off of this event in Salt Lake City, UT on March 18. If
anyone is interested in a jpeg of either the rendering of the RE file
that we created or the picture of the 20 foot model before it was
shipped to California - please email me directly and I will send it to

I thought that since this tour is international, list members outside
of the US may get to see this very large example of rapid prototyping.
Please see the organization's release below.

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> Dates March 18, 19 & 20, 2005
> Times Friday 7pm Opening Ceremony
> Saturday & Sunday 10am to 5pm each day
> Venue Wat Dhammagunaram, 644 E 1000 North (Gordon Ave), Layton UT
> 84041-4220
> Contact Roberta Chase, telephone 801 966 0639
> Entrance No entrance charge, donations welcome
> A precious collection of sacred relics of the Buddha and many other
> Buddhist masters, currently touring the world, is stopping briefly in
> Utah.
> Relics are beautiful pearl-like crystals found among the cremation
> ashes of the Buddha. They are deliberately produced and embody the
> deceased master’s spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom.
> To view a relic is extremely rare as normally relics are permanently
> enshrined inside statues and stupas and are rarely made available for
> public viewing, much less taken out of their resident countries.
> Visitors report experiences of inspiration and healing while in the
> presence of the relics. Some people are inspired to pray for world
> peace and to develop their inner wisdom.
> The relics are clearly visible inside display cases that encircle a
> life-size, golden statue of the Maitreya Buddha. Throughout the event,
> there will be Blessing Ceremonies – the relics of Buddha are gently
> placed on the crown of the visitor’s head for a personal blessing.
> When the Tour finishes, the Relics will be enshrined in a 500ft golden
> statue of Maitreya Buddha in northern India. Maitreya is the future
> Buddha known as the Buddha of loving-kindness.
> Building the statue itself is not the main goal – the purpose is to
> inspire an open, kind heart. When people see the giant Maitreya statue
> on TV or visit the statue, they will reflect on what it means to have
> a good heart. It will be a symbol of faith for millions all over the
> world. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said:-
> “ This Project is really wonderful and is the result of great
> courage and determination, and from the depths of my heart I
> appreciate and applaud this wonderful Project. You should realize that
> this is a very holy and sacred Project.”

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