[rp-ml] Radiation from your computer terminal (Off Topic)

From: ChathamRes@aol.com
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 15:19:16 EET

You probably have read about the potential for cancer from the radiation from
cell phones. How come you have not heard about radiation from a CRT being

We have a field stength meter which shows red when the radiation level is
above the Swedish standard (safe level). We measured the levels from a CRT and
an LCD computer screen.

We found the following :

The red level (potentially dangerous) was achieved when the meter was
positioned closer than two feet to the front screen surface.

For the LCD screen, the red level was not achieved when we touched the middle
of the screen.

Conclusion: It appears that the LCD type of computer screen is much safer
than the CRT for typical working distances.

Good health,


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