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Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 11:51:43 EET

            Estimated Chris:


            You can find some information of the FullCure 700 in the
following web site: I can
imagine you've got already this information, and the truth is that I
don't know if the properties shown there are for the fully cured state,
but they can be useful for you.


            We are users of this machine, so if you find some new
information about this photopolymer, we would appreciate to hear about
that, because we are also interested in making some tests to these parts
(from surface roughness to rigidity) and any knowledge would be mostly


            Hope this helps. Best regards.



          Applied Mechanics

          Industrial Design Area

          Tecnun (University of Navarra)




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I'm in the process of running FEA analysis on prototype parts. However,
obtaining reliable material properties for the prototype material has
proved difficult. Therefore, does anyone know the material properties
for "Full Cure 700 Series Photopolymer" in the fully cured state? This
material is used in the Eden 330 Objet rapid prototype machine.


Furthermore, is there documentation on part strength as a result of
print direction? I other words, how does lamination direction effect
part strength in bending, shear, tensile, etc?


I'm most interested in the follow specifications.


-Elastic Modulus

-Poisson's Ratio

-Shear Modulus

-Mass Density

-Tensile Strength

-Yield Strength

-Compressive Strength

-Thermal Expansion Coeff.

-Thermal Conductivity

-Specific Heat


Any assistance would be appreciated.







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