[rp-ml] Competition Winner Announcement

From: Ingrid Weber (i.weber@simpleware.com)
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 13:15:45 EET

Simpleware is pleased to announce the winner of our 2004/2005 Data
Conversion Competition, as
Dr Emily Rayfield of the Natural History Museum, London.
The Museum's Palaeontology Department is using FEA to test the strength
and functionality of dinosaur skulls. Dr Rayfield and her colleagues are
studying the structural significance of one particular type of dinosaur,
a Baryonyx. Simpleware will convert CT scan data of the Baryonyx into an
FE mesh, a full case study of which, will be featured on Simpleware's
For more information on the winning case study, please visit our
website: http://www.simpleware.com/news.php
Best regards,
Ingrid Weber
Marketing Manager
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