Re: [rp-ml] New machines could turn homes into small factories

From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Wed Mar 23 2005 - 08:20:34 EET



I am more than a bit concerned about this article. After closer examination
I find that this is nothing more than a final year undergraduate project. I
wish Dr. Bowyer all the best in his research but would prefer to see
something a little more substantial before viewing an article like this.


At 13:20 23/3/2005, Bathsheba Grossman wrote:
>On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, SiderWhite wrote:
> > Thought everybody on the rp-ml would be interested in this. What
> > does everybody think, how well will a self-replicating machine work?
>I'm not buying stock yet. Nobody has ever built a self-replicating
>machine out of anything, let alone one made purely out of an RP
>Anyway, isn't there a precision problem? If machine A can make parts
>to tolerance .00x", and you build machine B out of parts made by A,
>it's hard to see how the parts B makes can be better than 2 * .00x".
>By the time you get to F, is it worth the trouble?
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