Re: [rp-ml] New machines could turn homes into small factories]

From: Adrian Bowyer (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 14:22:26 EET

Ian Gibson wrote:

> I am more than a bit concerned about this article. After closer
> examination I find that this is nothing more than a final year
> undergraduate project. I wish Dr. Bowyer all the best in his research
> but would prefer to see something a little more substantial before
> viewing an article like this.

Thanks for the good wishes. It's more than a finel-year project, incidentally.
We had a Nuffield grant to do some of the work, for example. At the moment
it's such a project because that's taking it forward just fine. It'll expand a
bit in the autumn, though.

It's fun, and we thought we'd provoke discussion of it a bit more after BBC
radio asked us about it. Interestingly it's been on the web for over a year and
no one noticed. But get broadcast and suddenly the world beats a path to your


Adrian Bowyer


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