Re: [rp-ml] New machines could turn homes into small factories (My 2 cents..)]

From: Bathsheba Grossman (
Date: Sat Mar 26 2005 - 00:54:11 EET

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Adrian Bowyer wrote:
> Damn - only a quarter. Does that mean I lose 75 cents from the original bet?
> Or am I now owed $1.25?

How about this instead: when your work reaches the point where I pay
less than $1000, put in less than 20 hours of bench time, and have a
3D printer that can print my designs, I'll release one sculpture
design into the public domain, your choice, with credit to you. I'll
accept parts in any material with mechanical properties comparable to
SLA, so long as undercuts are fully supported and the resolution is at
least .01". Does that seem fair?

> Sure - but my machine will self-copy but _not_ self-assemble. That's the whole
> point (see the web site).

It's certainly more possible than full self-replication.
Thanks for the links.


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