[rp-ml] Need Help

From: Makushin I.V. (makushin@dd.vaz.tlt.ru)
Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 12:35:30 EEST

Greetings All !

As a result of incorrect connection of wires at service the plate in a power
supply of the laser in my SLA-5000 has broken. Two microchips have burned
down. (Photo)

While my chief does not know about this problem, variants of repair for the
big money to not offer. :-)

I want to replace these two microchips, but I can not identify them. They
have very strongly suffered.

Somebody to me can help to identify the given microchips?

It is interesting also, what ALL think of such opportunity of repair?

Best regards,
Makushin Igor,
Experimental Plant of AVTOVAZ Inc.

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