[rp-ml] [RpMl] Question about animation clip

From: Han Broek (J.J.Broek@io.tudelft.nl)
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 15:34:46 EEST

Dear all,

Some time ago a web link was mailed to rp-ml.
The link gave access to a video clip of falling
lego-like blocks that finally created a car.
I would be very grateful when someone out
there is able to send me the web link.

My thanks in advance,

Han Broek

Johan J. Broek
Delft University of Technology,
Faculty of  Industrial Design Engineering
Kamer 10-3A-33
Landbergstraat 15, NL-2628 CE Delft,
The Netherlands
Voice    +31 15 2783376
Telefax  +31 15 2781839

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