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 Dear all,
 Some time ago a web link was mailed to rp-ml.
 The link gave access to a video clip of falling
 lego-like blocks that finally created a car.
 I would be very grateful when someone out
 there is able to send me the web link.
 My thanks in advance,
 Han Broek
 Johan J. Broek
 Delft University of Technology,
 Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering


This message below may be what you remember.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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Subj: [rp-ml] Re: R-P Material Samples for Tactile Math Show
Date: 04-07-09 13:49:20 EDT
From: (Stewart Dickson)

Thanks to all who responded to my call for samples of R-P for proposed
museum exhibit.

Has everyone seen the new commercial for the Honda Element?
Does everyone remember BPM (Ballistic Particle Manufacturing)?
3-D Ink-jet printing? This movie looks, conceptually, like a 3-D
Systems Thermojet in action to me --
in a metaphor that people can understand (Lego).

I would like to juxtapose video like this with footage of actual R-P
machines in action.
Particularly, FDM is very entertaining to watch. Stereolithography used
to be like watching paint dry,
and the beam was hard to photograph -- Has anyone succeeded in making a
more attractive
film of a modern SLA in action?

Can anyone recommend any other sources of film, video or poster media on

Here is a bullet-list of guidelines for ideal exhibit design:

   o Attractive -- a drawing card.
   o Educational and informative.
   o Interactive and hands-on.
   o Durable and low-maintenance.
   o Typically no more than 500 words.
   o Oriented to the lay person with minimal technical jargon.
    (6th-grade level -- Think of Bill Nye, the Science Guy)
   o Describe the relevancy to our everyday lives, usefulness.

Thank you!

-Stewart Dickson

Stewart Dickson wrote:

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