[rp-ml] Press Release

From: R. Eric King (eric@laserinnovations.com)
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 19:50:31 EEST

Dear List -

Over the past 8 months you have appreciated our new SLA-500 Solid State
conversion kit, that 3DS currently provides.

This is the same reliable Solid State laser technology found at the
heart of
the new SLA-7000, and the older SLA-5000, 3500, & 350 series of

In addition to that product line, 3D Systems now offers our new Solid
State Laser
system conversion kit for your SLA-250 machines.

These laser systems have a standard power warranty of 50mW for a period
2 years and/or 10,000 hours.

Designed to fit inside your machine; these are NOT water-cooled, and do
not require
external optics to raise/lower power levels, as found with other

You can now convert both machine platforms to Solid State directly
through 3DS,
with the most reliable laser system on the market.


Please contact your local 3DS Sales rep for full details.

Best Regards,

R. Eric King
OEM Sales & Marketing Manager

Laser Innovations
1150 East Main Street
Santa Paula, CA 93060
805.933.0015 tel
805.933.0042 fax

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