[rp-ml] Urethane Molding

From: Chris Sonon (csonon@ironmount.biz)
Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 21:20:53 EEST

Hello all,


I am interested in finding out information about Urethane molding
materials. I am interested in finding some material that will be close
in properties to Polypropylene; if someone could point me to a good
online source, I would be grateful. Also, I am interested in
information about small systems to remove air from the urethane before
injecting it into the mold. We are going to be injecting SMALL parts and
will more then likely be using a syringe. If you know of a small mixing
and injection system that isn't too expensive, I would also be
interested in that as well. Last, some recommendations of Mold release
would be helpful.


Thank you for any information that you can provide.





Christopher Sonon

CAD Design Technician

Iron Mountains LLC

(610) 913-6883


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