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> Those individuals needing an excuse to waste some time on a Friday
> might enjoy having a gander at some new relief globes of the earth.
> made in a process using stereolithography by an eponymously-named
> company.
 That they're hand-painted kinda takes the fun out of it for me...I
 presume that's where the high price comes from, since the globes appear to
 be molded from a 3D-printed original.
 Bathsheba Grossman (831)429-8224
 Sculpting geometry
Hi Sheba:

I am sorry you are disappointed, Sheba.

I had actually thought that combining this technology train with that from a
company called Solid Terrain Modeling ( could result in
something pretty spectacular eventually. These folks use inkjets to
precisely paint overlays on 3D models. They're the only ones I know doing this
commercially, but some Japanese companies have described similar techniques in

The high price comes from low volume and lots of hand work, I'd guess.

Hand-painted or not, I still like them. By the way, Mona Lisa was
hand-painted, too, and it's pretty good.

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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