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Does anyone have a 3d .stl file of the state of Idaho? Something showing
the mountain ranges, lakes, etc. detail does not need to be as good as
the ones already shown.

Jason Squire

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 Actually, the one I liked the best was the one of the
 hurricane. Models of the surface of the earth, as such,
 are a natural application and I like them. I especially
 liked the old Helisys models that looked like they were
 made out of wood, with each elevation level like the grain
 in the wood. They were beautiful.
 But taking some other data or information, especially data
 that connot otherwise be seen or sensed by humans, and
 turning it into something you can actually touch and feel
 is even more interesting, especially when you can turn
 them into models that can be put together and taken apart
 in a way that increases understanding by the use of senses
 other than vision.
 Brock Hinzmann
Hi Brock:

Indeed, there have been some very nice models made that way. A lot of
work was done by Mike Bailey's group at the UCSD Supercomputer Center.
For those
interested, here's a direct link to an article with some of the storm
from some time back.

Also, it's been mentioned to me by several individuals that Z Corp.'s
process is frequently used in relief mapping applications. Here's a
link to a
Univ of IL site that was sent to me by Joseph Rocca of Engineering &
Manufacturing Services, Inc. (EMS). This shows the entire state of
Illinois in glorious
3D and color:

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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