Re: [rp-ml] Conversion of 2D Image to 3D in Rhino

Date: Tue Apr 19 2005 - 01:24:29 EEST

In addition to the heightfield surface command, there is also a mesh
heightfield command in the new bonus meshtools menu. The functionality
being very similar. The main difference is that the NURBS command will
create a smoother version(depending on settings) whereas the mesh
command is very direct & simple. Both will vary in success depending on
the image you supply. For instance a photo with allot of side light
might not give the desired results when compared with artwork that has
been prepared with the process in mind(grayscale = heightfield). Feel
free to ask any specific questions should you encounter any difficulty,
or post to the Rhino newsgroup.

Caleb Walker

3D Modeling - Reverse Engineering - CAD/CAM

Yasser Hosni wrote:

>Dear Friends:
>I know that Rhino has a feature which can convert 2D Picture (image) into 3D using gray scale as a means to determine the depth (Z-direction). Any of you used this facility. Under which command in Rhino and what kind of output results one can get.
>PS. I do not expect full 3D model!
>Take care.
>Yasser Hosni

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