Re: [rp-ml] SLS Lock-up Discussion

From: Sheku Kamara (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 18:51:36 EEST


We experienced this phenomenon along with missing layers almost on a weekly
basis in the past, until we were advised to reduce the part count and file
size per layer.
The problem occurred often, when we had file sizes over 20MB with at least
5 parts on the same layer. Both computers have also been replaced and we
haven't experienced this in a while. Which version of DOS is installed on
your scanner computer?
Don't forget to reboot the scanner computer after every "large" build to
refuel that magic wand. It runs out of magic pretty fast.

Enjoy your weekend.

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My advise
At 09:51 AM 4/22/2005, David K. Leigh wrote:
>Greetings fellow SLSers in the Wide Wide World of Digital Manufacturing,
>I thought I'd pose a discussion question for y'all. Ever since we've worked
>with SLS equipment, we have had occassions where our machines go into la-la
>land overnight and we come in the next day to find them sitting there, being
>less than productive. It seems the standard time-out discipline technique
>doesn't work so well. So, we've tried a few other things. . .
>In some cases we've changed the scanner computer, other times we've gotten a
>new main computer. But it seems that no matter what you do, there seems to
>always be that possibility.
>So, what have been your experiences with this? Any magic wiffle dust that
>works particularly well?
>Look forward to seeing a lively discussion.
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