Re: [rp-ml] SLS Lock-up Discussion

From: Bill Hearn (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 19:37:45 EEST

In my experience with cranky equipment 90%+ of the
time the power supply / supplies are to blame for
otherwise inexplicable behavior.

1) Install a dedicated ground. Drive a ground stake
and connect a dedicated ground.

2) Install power conditioning equipment on everything.
Uninterruptable power supplies are fairly cheap when
compared with lost capacity / production in an
industrial setting. Use the software that comes with
the UPS to diagnose brownouts, spikes etc.

3) Install a cabinet cooler in control cabinets.
   If you have an intermittant connection problem that
    is tough to find this can solve the overheating

4) Check for true supply and I/O voltage on low
voltage controls. 5 volt I/O can be cranky with 4.8
volts for instance.

--- "David K. Leigh" <> wrote:
> Greetings fellow SLSers in the Wide Wide World of
> Digital Manufacturing,
> I thought I'd pose a discussion question for y'all.
> Ever since we've worked
> with SLS equipment, we have had occassions where our
> machines go into la-la
> land overnight and we come in the next day to find
> them sitting there, being
> less than productive. It seems the standard
> time-out discipline technique
> doesn't work so well. So, we've tried a few other
> things. . .
> In some cases we've changed the scanner computer,
> other times we've gotten a
> new main computer. But it seems that no matter what
> you do, there seems to
> always be that possibility.
> So, what have been your experiences with this? Any
> magic wiffle dust that
> works particularly well?
> Look forward to seeing a lively discussion.
> <Sits back, opens some freshly popped popcorn, and
> pops open a cold Dr.
> Pepper>
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