[rp-ml] Question from a dinosaur

From: Steve Stewart (steve@protogenic.com)
Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 00:34:15 EEST

Hi, all -
I started running our first 250 in 1990, so I believe I qualify as a
dinosaur. I have not had to actually run the machines myself for several
years (since Maestro).
In the olden days, we used to use different ranges of layer thicknesses
within a part. I'm 99% sure that we could run one build style in a given
range in Maestro, then change to a different build style as we proceeded up
the part. So, if I wanted to build .006" layers on a real straight section,
then .003" layers on an area I wanted finer detail on, I could do that
(historical note - we used to use .010" layers and said that was "plenty
good," then went down to .005" if we REALLY wanted detail).
My LightYear-trained guys say this cannot be done. They say only one
build-style is allowed per platform (they agree you can do different recoat
styles, but not build styles).
I'd appreciate your feedback - is this really true? Obviously, I don't have
3D maintenance, or I'd be calling them to ask them....
Steve Stewart

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