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Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 15:58:24 EEST

MessageSteve, Andrew,

I have Lightyear 1.3 & 1.4 and have never been able to get either package to
accept a build parameter change mid-part even on a single part platform.
The error is always incompatible layer thickness.
Recoat I can change OK.

Phil Iehle
Versadyne LLC
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  Yes Steve
  It can be done, but it depends which version of Lightyear you are running.
I believe it couldn't be done in older versions.
  You will probably have to utilize the "General" styles (with their wider
parameter allowances) to achieve what you want and beware the dreaded Blade
Gap parameters in the Recoat Parameters as they are related to the Layer
Thickness. You will have to change those also. It is advisable to stick
to multiples (e.g. 0.004" and 0.008" or 0.003" and 0.006" etc.) It's
still sometimes tricky though and care should be taken...don't experiment on
a vital build!!
  What your guys probably mean is that you can't apply 0.004" to one part
and 0.005" to a different part. Remember, all parts on one given layer must
have the same Layer Thickness - so if you change LT at 2 inches into one
part, you should change at the same point on ALL the parts on the platform.
  Good luck - let us know how you get on
  Andrew Graves
  Total C S Team, Inc.

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    Hi, all -

    I started running our first 250 in 1990, so I believe I qualify as a
dinosaur. I have not had to actually run the machines myself for several
years (since Maestro).

    In the olden days, we used to use different ranges of layer thicknesses
within a part. I'm 99% sure that we could run one build style in a given
range in Maestro, then change to a different build style as we proceeded up
the part. So, if I wanted to build .006" layers on a real straight section,
then .003" layers on an area I wanted finer detail on, I could do that
(historical note - we used to use .010" layers and said that was "plenty
good," then went down to .005" if we REALLY wanted detail).

    My LightYear-trained guys say this cannot be done. They say only one
build-style is allowed per platform (they agree you can do different recoat
styles, but not build styles).

    I'd appreciate your feedback - is this really true? Obviously, I don't
have 3D maintenance, or I'd be calling them to ask them....


    Steve Stewart

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