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 Date: 05-05-11 10:26:00 EDT
 From: (Wang Dong-xing)
 Dear friends,
 I happened to konw the metal printing process from internat. It
 seems that it is a very hopeful process to further quicked the rapid
 prototyping process, and it can be used to easily fabricate FGM
 parts. I am very interested to that process, but their web pages
 offer only very little information. Does any one know more about it?
 its principle, case studies, patent(s), accessible paper(s) or other
 Below is the address of their web site:
 Thanks in advance
 D. X. Wang
Dear Mr. Wang:

This project originated with a couple of PhD Theses by Roald Karlsen and Jim
Bakkelund at the Norwegian Univ of Sci and Techn. Their advisor was Nils
Ruud. It's more or less based on electrophotography (xerography) and uses a
charged photoconductor for the selection process.

Not much has been written about it, and I don't believe there have been any
US patent publications, but there may well be something in the EPO. From what
I've read, the difficult part of the process - and maybe the one that has
stopped development - is layer consolidation. One method they used, at least in
the early work, was to pass a high amperage current with through the layers
with electrodes. Didn't work too well, and in any case might have required the
entire power grid of Norway to make objects of a reasonable size.

My guess is that the only way you'll find out much more is to contact the
people listed on the site directly.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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