Re: [rp-ml] SLA Resins Longevity

From: DarekL (
Date: Tue May 17 2005 - 13:47:44 EEST

Thank you all who responded. I appreciate it.

I wonder if that Huntsman lacquer could be spray over with a regular one to keep it sealed. I guess would need to run a few little experiments...

Darius Lipinski

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  Huntsman (formerly Ciba, formerly Vantico) do a clear lacquer for protecting SL models from UV light.

  It was developed originally for their selectively colourable SL materials (used primarily for medical modelling). It is applied by dipping or painting, and dries very quickly. It is in a very volatile solvent, so keep it well sealed when not in use!

  It works well, although if the models are handled a lot you should re-lacquer them from time to time - it rubs away otherwise and protection is compromised.

  I hope this helps!

  Andrew Chantrill.

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