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Date: Tue May 17 2005 - 15:27:18 EEST

Hi Darius,
When I worked for an automotive company, we used emron paint and other
automotive paints. These work very well in preserving the parts for
testing and longevity. The paint added 0.04" to 0.06" thickness to the
walls. The models we did were manifolds and intake systems. I still
use lacquer spray cans for some applications. I think there are other
paints in the market that may function more efficiently.
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I am curious to find out whether parts build with SLA resins which are
UV sensitive could be protected against light exposure and preserved for
many years simply by giving them 2 or 3 coats of paint either acrylics,
enamels or even lacquers.
Can painting be considered reliable method of preserving SLA parts even
if they are exposed to sunlight...? What would be an average number of
years before there is some noticeable to human eye level of
Thank you
Darius Lipinski

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