[rp-ml] I would like a postdoctoral position

From: Wang Dong-xing (dxwang98@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 18:03:49 EEST

Dear List,

I am about to graduate in July. The title of my dissertation is "Preparing
the coloring data for the rapid formation of surface colored models". My
research interest includes Color Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, the
rapid formation of heterogeneous material parts, computer graphics and
digital image processing. I am also good at designing single chip micro
computer hardware and some other interfacing circuits, C or VC++
programming, and machine design. I would like a postdoctoral postion in
these fields. Detailed resume is available on demand.

My E-mail addr. is dxwang98@hotmail.com or dxwang@ytu.edu.cn

Best regards

Sincerely yours

Dong-Xing Wang

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