Re: [rp-ml] Self assembling robots

From: Andrew Sofie (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 02:07:34 EEST

As a note about the Cornell project...Several sources, including Cornell
itself (
stated these were self-replicating robots which of course they are not.
Self Assemblers (The current thread name) is a more accurate term. Seems
like a publicity choice to use the term self-replicating.

 From the wikipedia:

    * Natural replicators have all or most of their design from nonhuman
    * Autotrophic replicators can reproduce themselves "in the wild".
      They mine their own materials. Usually they are designed by
      humans, and in particular, can easily accept specifications for
      human products.
    * Self-reproductive systems produce copies of themselves from
      industrial feedstocks such as metal bar and wire.
    * Self-assembling systems assemble copies of themselves from
      finished, delivered parts.

Interesting work though....

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Doug Johnson wrote:


> Hi All,
> Laser Reproductions & ProtoCall, LLC helped Cornell with this project.
> It is really something to be involved with something that is this
> bleeding edge.
> A friend of mine in Brazil said he saw the story on a Sunday morning
> news program.
> Thanx,
> Doug Johnson
> ProtoCall, LLC

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