[rp-ml] re: Matt Shade

From: Jim Quinn (jquinn@www.matscieng.sunysb.edu)
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 16:47:24 EEST


Does anyone have the contact info for
Matt Shade from GS Engineering?

Google has not been very useful.

The folks from SME have not responded.

The folks from www.gsengineering.com
say they are a different company.

thanks and regards,


>Shade, Matt
>GS Engineering
>SESSION: Improving Tooling Through Rapid Technologies
>Thursday, May 12, 2005
>8:00 AM - 11:15 AM
>Rapid Thermoform Production Tooling
>A new innovative tooling technique for prototype or production
>thermoform molds has been developed to provide the aircraft,
>automotive and packaging industries with a rapid low cost permeable
>metal tool surface. This new rapid tooling technique utilizes a
>spray metal process developed by GS Engineering and a proprietary
>back support structure developed by Johnson Controls Incorporated.
>By integrating the two processes a vacuum mold or a thermoform mold
>requiring a venting breathable surface is produced rapidly by way
>of a thermal spray technique. The resolution and surface finish of
>the thermal spray metal process replicates minute surface texture
>and graining features while providing a means to evacuate air from
>the mold. The mold is produced in minimal time and to the net shape
>with a production level mold surface. A thermoform tool with a
>durable metal surface can be produced in days instead of months.
>The mold surface using the new thermal spray technique can be
>tailored to suit the application. A variety of metal surfaces from
>zinc to stainless steel are possible. This new process is suitable
>for molds with complex geometry and detailed surface graining
>requirements such as automotive interiors, aircraft interiors and
>recreational products

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