Re: [rp-ml] usual velocities

From: Paul Suomala (
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 20:01:49 EEST

Javier Delgado wrote:

>Dear RP Friends,
>I'm looking for information about plastic injection mould. We are trying to
>obtain sintered parts to integrate them in the plastic injection mould. It
>would be great if someone could tell me something about the usual velocities
>of plastic injection or any place where is possible to find this
>thank very much in advantage
>Javier Delgado
>Unidad Ingeniería de Producto (Area de Prototipado)
>Parque Tecnológico, Avda. Leonardo Da Vinci, 38
>Tel. +34 96 136 63 76 - Fax +34 96 131 81 68
 From your web site link I was able to find the following:
AIMME regularly collaborates with other technological centres, bodies
and institutes.
The most important being:

    * AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Institute, (Valencia).

 If there is not any pertinent information available from that source, I
would recommend seeking advice from a sales representative of a major
supplier of thermoplastics.
Good luck,
Paul S

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