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Hi Stanislav,

When the problem ocoures and the temperature passes the set point (in your case 143?C), does the material melt? If it doesn't melt, that means that you have a problem with your IR sensor and probably must be replaced (check the powder temperature in the build area using an exterior thermocouple and compare the temperature reading with the machine). If the powder melts, then the problem is with the heaters controll system and I don't have any sugestion top what to do.

Hope it helps.



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  Hi there,


  My name is Stanislav from SPARKY Bulgaria. Our company has a Sinterstation 2500plus produced by DTM in 2000. Couple of weeks ago a problem with the piston heater appeared. The essence of the problem is that the piston heater temperature cannot stabilize once it reaches the defined set point - which in our case 143 úC. During the warm up stage everything goes right but when the heater reaches the set point it continuous to heat and consequently yellow alarm for piston high temperature appears. Finally the machine turns off the piston heater and after some time turns it on automatically when the piston cools down. This repeat for several times and at some time of the build the piston heater temperature stabilizes at the set point. Some suggestions what's wrong? Please help to fix it.


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