[rp-ml] Make magazine

From: Brock Hinzmann (bhinzmann@sric-bi.com)
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 19:57:32 EEST

Has anyone else oon the list seen the first two issues of
Make magazine (makezine.com)? It's basically do it
yourself instructions for garage inventors and hobbyists,
with some interesting feature stories about such things as
MIT's Fab Lab and toy robot hackers. Besides the obvious
link to the RP-ML of the Fab Lab, I was wondering if there
is a growing kind of customization business for RP service
bureaus from these kind of people. A lot of the stuff is
built from reused computer parts and sticks and glue, but
I was thinking that as these inventions become a little
more mature, the inventors might want them to look a
little better and be made with stronger, one-piece unit
parts. Or, they might need some custom part that doesn't
exist in the old products they are, literally, hacking up.

I was also thinking of the Bath Univ. open source RepRap
project and the Fab Lab in terms of, if you can get the
functional electronic parts out of re-used computers and
toy robots, wouldn't an RP machine be useful for custom
structural parts?

Has anyone dabbled in this kind of thing, besides from
movie robots and such?

Brock Hinzmann

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