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From: Mitchell, Doug \(D.B.\) (
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 13:43:49 EEST

Just checked Zaba Search and there are several listings for Steve Koch
in Grapevine, Texas. Don't
know if any of them are the correct one.

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        Several years ago, I met with Steve at his newly opened office
in Dallas, TX. He had closed his Austin, TX offices and had no staff.
He was still in periodic contact with his accountant in the Austin area.
I don't remember her name, but she was still handling his books, etc.
Steve did one job for my company and shortly thereafter he disappeared.
I tried calling him several times, but never got an answer. I have
talked with a few people that were trying to locate him over the years,
but I haven't heard anything further about him.
        If anyone knows the name of his old accountant, you might try
contacting her. Unfortunately, I don't remember her name and I doubt
her name will show up in my files. I will check, just in case.
        I just checked and the Digibotics web site is unavailable. Even
a year or so ago, the web site was still available, but I never had any
reply to my attempts at reaching Steve.

         - John
        John Eric Voltin
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        Agile Technology

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                Still trying to find out if Steve Koch from Digibotics
is still alive and kicking...anyone heard from him....Steve are you out



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