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Hi Folks:

** Highlights of the latest edition of the RP PATENT ALERT NEWSLETTER are now
available on The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping web site. A total of
186 RP patents and applications were published from 3/8/05 to 6/7/05. There
are now nearly 3,100 US rapid prototyping patent documents in our database.

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-- Providing treatment for congestive heart failure with an RP-fabricated
heart chamber support.

-- Techniques for forming very thin layers of polymers, on the order of two

-- Making self-locating fasteners for connecting contoured surfaces together
such as those found in air frames using selective laser sintering.

-- We've had products such as custom bobbleheads, action-figures and
politicians for years. In fact, often the very same people are represented in each
category. The long wait for custom, geographic-based snow-globes is now over,
as well.

-- Customized helmet sound systems for sports, military and other high-noise

-- Using additive fabrication to make laboratory automation components for
use with robotic devices.

-- Titanium powders for use in selective laser sintering, and titanium
technology that may do away with the need for laser powder forming technologies such
as LENS (TM) altogether.

-- Growing tissue within an RP-fabricated mold which is implanted into a
living organism for incubation.

-- 3D spinal models for analysis of drug distribution.

-- Superimposing information such as color and texture over the image of a
simple physical 3D model within a digital camera to permit easy and precise
evaluation of final products.

*** Find out what's really going on in the world of RP!
These are the briefest highlights. Enormous efforts are being exerted in the
areas of technology, rapid manufacturing and tooling, materials and medicine.
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