RE: [rp-ml] Lense urethanes

From: Kevin Smith (
Date: Sat Jul 09 2005 - 14:16:09 EEST

Hi Doug,
        You may try Axson product PX521HT or PX522HT. Site is

PX 521 HT
Low viscosity, high heat and impact resistant, UV Stable
Application: Polycarbonate, Glass or crystal
Pot-Life(min.) - 18
Hardness(shore D) - 80
Density(lbs/gal) - 8.8
Flexual Modulus (PSI) - 304,500
Elongation (%) - 10
Mix Ration (weight) - 100:55
Demold Time(min.) - 120 (2hr)
Tg (F) - 230
Colors - Clear

Hope that helps,


Doug Groh <> wrote:

>Which urethanes are being used by companies doing
>lense reproduction or prototyping. I am looking for a
>high temperature urethane or maybe even an epoxy. It
>must be moldable in a silicon rubber mold and be
>tintable and durable as well.
>Doug Groh
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