[rp-ml] Plating SLS and/or fabricating sintered Metal Parts

From: Universal Joint Design (chertok@universaljointdesign.com)
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 23:34:25 EEST


Is there anyone out there that might have a lead on someone that would
be willing to plate some SLS based mathematical models pro bono? There
are 24 total each with max dimensions of 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 2 1/4". They
represent the total types of singularities possible on a Cubic Surface
and are part of a much larger art/research project. I'm making a move
and need to get them into slightly more durable shape as I'd like to
exhibit them eventually.

It is essentially Architecturally based research on RP, mathematics and
digital fabrication.

Alternatively, I'd be really interested in talking with anyone willing
to help finish up this work with a contribution of metal based (most
interested in these), SLA, or QuickCast Models. I've got very little
time to spend finalizing this, so I would like to talk with anyone
sincerely interested in an "Art and Industry" collaboration. Timeframe
for executing the models is not an issue as long as you can stick by the

I think I have finalized the scope and material for this project with
the wonderful help of a number of listers. It would be great to get one
last push and get this project up and exhibitable.

Most Sincerely,

Jonathan Chertok

Universal Joint Design Associates

Jonathan Chertok. Principal
AIA Design Associate
Austin, Texas 1 512 407 9628

Development + Design + Construction


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