[rp-ml] Photo-optic object fabrication

From: Marshall Burns (MB-ListMail2@Ennex.com)
Date: Sat Aug 06 2005 - 21:25:21 EEST

Hi Brock,

> I think you will always be remembered as one of the
> characters of the early days of RP. One of your comments

        My grandmother used to call me a "character," and I guess she wins.
It isn't the moniker I would have chosen to represent my role in this field,
but if it's the shoe that fits, I guess I gotta wear it.

> described in it was called photo-optic object fabrication
> (see, even I wrote fab then) or POOF. Let me know if you
> are interested and I'll dig it out of the archives.

        I'd love to see it, and maybe put it up on my POOFF site, with your


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