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Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 18:37:35 EEST


Hi Elaine,


            Wonderful to hear from you. You are another champion of the
low-cost personal fabber, even if not by that terminology!


            How long ago did Clemson close its RP lab? Clemson was one of
the pioneering institutions in both education and research in this field.
Can you say something about how it came about that it was closed down? (Off
list if necessary.) I think that whatever transpired and whatever lessons
can be learned from the Clemson experience could be instructive for other
institutions carrying the banner, or thinking of doing so.


Best regards,

Marshall Burns <>






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At 09:19 AM 8/6/2005, Marshall Burns wrote:

Hello to my friends (and others) in RP Land,
 Are we ready yet to make magic?


Wondered what happened to you. I am not sure my emails get posted to the
RPML but I can received them or some of them. Welcome back.

I guess it is about time we dinosaurs decided which path in life to take at
this point. RP is maturing even at a slow pace and the pioneers have left
for other discoveries. Even I now push the RFID technologies that is
sweeping across company supply chains.

Is nano the way? Fred Steinbauer told me it was many years ago before he
died. Do I see it making parts on a production line anytime in my lifetime.
NO however it can will does produce additives that will enhance material
properties. One thing I never got to do before we closed our RP labs was
produce a SLA with nano particles embedded. Oh does change
but life continues and someone will make that part or maybe already has made

I will be leaving Clemson before year's end and move to other technologies
even as I retire and move into a personal life. Retirement for me is my
chance to embrace the new without the confines of responsibilities to
others. I think teaching young people to reach for their dreams would be
ideal place for you and for them. There is much to discover and man has yet
to scratch the surface in discoveries as most are bound by limitations set
by the sciences. I look forward to retiring because I now spell it Freedom!


Get busy living or continue on dying
                        Shawshank Redemption

Elaine Hunt

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