[rp-ml] Re: The demand side

From: Brock Hinzmann (bhinzmann@sric-bi.com)
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 17:46:21 EEST

As you know, Marshall, I have given some consideration to
what such a Santa Claus Machine might do for me, as have
many people on this list (for newcomers, that poem
Marshall refers to was sent originally in response to a
request from Elaine). As a rhetorical question, though,
you need to make a better case for that trillion dollars
than you have. The nanopeople did it. And it didn't take
much imagination.


On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 07:32:40 -0700
  "Marshall Burns" <MB-ListMail2@Ennex.com> wrote:
>> Someone needs to be able to articulate the
>> demand side a little better, though. If we need physical
>> objects, we can already manufacture them by mass
>> production means in pretty high volumes, to the extent
>> that we have overflowing garbage dumps. What is the
>> you will make with fabbing that that we really need that
>> we can't make with exisitng technology?
> Well, let me see, there was this guy some
>years ago who wrote
>a poem about that. Check it out at
>> What are the exact
>> social benefits that fabbing gives us? Someone needs to
>> define that in a detailed study.
> Brock, Ennex will be happy to do a study
>for you. But save
>your money. What kind of study would you have done to
>convince Ken Olsen
>there was a market for home computers? What kind of study
>could you have
>done in 1992 to show whether anyone would use Mosaic (the
>first graphical
>Web browser)?
> Of all the mind-boggling experiences in
>my life, the most
>bewildering is when I explain to people that in the
>long-term vision, a
>fabber is a machine that will make whatever you want, and
>then they say,
>"And what would you use that for?" Can you say, "Duh?"
> I can imagine walking around in ancient
>Arabia with this
>magic lantern. I go to the market and tell people that
>the Genie inside will
>grant them three wishes - anything they want, what will
>they give me for the
>lamp? But they say, "I don't need wishes, I need some
>carrots and a goat
> Sigh.
>Best regards,
>Marshall Burns
>www.fabbers.com <http://www.mburns.com/>

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