Re: [rp-ml] Nano/fabber politics

From: Steve Baker (
Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 02:56:38 EEST

Adrian Bowyer wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:
>> However, the OTHER kind of Nanotech that people are thinking of are
>> 'assemblers' and 'universal assemblers' - the teeny-tiny robots that
>> would assemble things an atom at a time.
>> It's not clear that these things are even possible - the
>> nanotechnologists
>> are about evenly divided about that.
> It's got to be possible - we have an existence proof: this planet has
> been knee-deep in self-assembling self-reproducing nanomachines for 3.5
> billion years. Indeed, our knees are made from them...

Yeah - I'm with you on that - but it doesn't stop people from claiming
that brownian motion will destroy them...or some such thing.

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