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Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 21:30:18 EEST

This discussion has been interesting. I used to have a promotional video
showing a man (Chuck Hull?) using a hand held laser to draw a line on
the surface of a cup of liquid, then using a stick to lift a string of
cured plastic out of the liquid. He used the term "stereolithography"
because it literally meant 3 dimensional lithography or 3D Printing. The
video went on to show the SLA-1 machine with a part rising out of the
vat of liquid. Soon after, in late 1988, I received McDonnell Douglas'
own SLA machine and set up and ran the MDC SLA lab for a year or so.

I like the term, Stereolithography, as descriptive of all the RP
processes, but it is copywrited by 3D Systems for the process of using a
laser to create a part from a liquid polymer.

Tom Johnson

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Thanks Steve!!

I figured if I waited a bit, someone would reply with the same or
similar opinions that I am thinking, and I could agree and maybe add an
extra comment or two and save me a lot of typing.

As it turns out, you stated my thoughts so well that no extra comments
from me are required.

Best regards,

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