Re: [rp-ml] terminology and all that...

From: Steve Baker (
Date: Fri Aug 12 2005 - 03:19:39 EEST

Steve Stewart wrote:
> Ed and all,
> My experience in the injection molding industry is that the same 20 people
> on the street that you are talking about don't have a clue about ANY kind of
> manufacturing. They've never seen an injection molding machine, and they
> don't know what CNC means, either. Yet, those products are marketed all the
> time, aren't they?

But they aren't marketted to the average household...yet.

We're not talking about present-generation rapid prototypers - we're talking
about some kind of hypothetical future machine which would be small enough
and cheap enough for most households to own one.

Before we get to that point, it'll be important to get the general public
excited about the prospect.

For *that* marketting, you need a name that people will remember and use -
yet which describes the essence of the technology to them without a long-winded

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