[rp-ml] Z-Corp UGM 2005

From: Gary.Rabinovitz@reebok.com
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 23:27:38 EEST

Z Corporation User Group Meeting 2005

Z Corporation and the User Group committee is pleased to announce that its
7th Annual meeting will take place from October 16-19, 2005 at the
Portsmouth Sheraton Harborside (NH). Each year, Z Corp.'s user community
gathers to share information about part-making, to learn new applications
and to get tips from the company's application engineers. It's also a great
opportunity to give feedback to the product development team and to get
exposure to a number of complementary products during the exhibitor fair.
This conference is an invaluable networking tool for users at every level.
With a rapidly growing installed base of over 1,800 printers, this year's
meeting promises to be the biggest yet. The event will feature guest
speakers Tim Anderson and Jim Bredt, co-founders of Z Corporation speaking
on how 3D Printing began and a Harbor Cruise on Wednesday afternoon. We
hope that you will be able to join us this Fall for what promises to be an
extremely valuable and productive gathering.
Registration deadlines are fast approaching, so please don't delay,
register today.

- Gary Rabinovitz, User Group President - Reebok, Ltd.


Sign up today, and for additional information visit the Z-Corp UGM official


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