Re: [rp-ml] A public survey on terminology

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 00:53:14 EEST

I like it.
Marshall, change my vote.

Replicators, Duplicators, Applicators, Fabricators.
Sounds like the makings of a rap.

Brock Hinzmann

Steve Baker wrote:

> Andrew Werby wrote:
> > If they came with a 3d scanner built in, then we could call them
>> Replicators...]
> This term could catch on because of StarTrek's use of the word for
> something VERY similar to one of these beasts.
> In the Trek universe, Replicators do not in fact *copy* something
> like a photocopier - they replicate something from an original that's
> stored or generated in their computers' memory...exactly as we propose.
> Mostly they use it for food items - but there were plenty of episodes
> where people used one to make items as diverse as musical instruments.
> (Data: "Computer please replicate me one Viola.")
> Words from StarTrek have DEFINITELY caught on for other technologies
> in the past.
> How come we have a 'Space Shuttle' ? The Enterprise had handy
> reusable 'Shuttles' that did the job of getting to and from orbit
> from the planet's surface carrying a handful of crew and/or a small
> cargo...pretty much exactly what our modern shuttle does. The NASA
> guys used that term because it had become descriptive (they also called
> the first prototype 'The Enterprise' - really trekkies would have gone
> with 'Gallileo').
> 'Nanites' as a word for Nanotechnological Robots came from StarTrek.
> Everyone knows what a 'Holodeck' is - it's almost taken over from
> 'Virtual Reality' as a term for that kind of device.
> I think 'Replicator' - 'Replicate' could catch if only we
> could get the voice controls ("Earl Grey - Hot"), the pretty sparkly
> light and the 3 second build time from *any* materials!
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