Re: [rp-ml] A public survey on terminology

From: Brock Hinzmann (
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 18:29:58 EEST

The flip-out design of many cell phones is certainly
influenced by one of the Star Trek communicators.

I'd like to see some of the medical devices they used come
to fruition, but replicators may be in the works sooner.

Brock H

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005 08:12:13 -0700
  "Pierce, Ernest S" <> wrote:
>Hi Brock,
> I too have used this term to a great degree over the
>years. . . .
>People do remember this as mentioned, by association to a
>Star treks futuristic representations and visions has
>been with us
>RPer's since the mid 80's
>PS> That cellular communication device most of us use
> this
>not the "communicator"
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>I like it.
>Marshall, change my vote.
>Replicators, Duplicators, Applicators, Fabricators.
>Sounds like the makings of a rap.
>Brock Hinzmann
>Steve Baker wrote:
>> Andrew Werby wrote:
>> > If they came with a 3d scanner built in, then we could
>>call them
>>> Replicators...]
>> This term could catch on because of StarTrek's use of
>>the word for
>> something VERY similar to one of these beasts.
>> In the Trek universe, Replicators do not in fact *copy*
>>something like
>> a photocopier - they replicate something from an
>>original that's
>> stored or generated in their computers' memory...exactly
>>as we
>> propose.
>> Mostly they use it for food items - but there were
>>plenty of episodes
>> where people used one to make items as diverse as
>>musical instruments.
>> (Data: "Computer please replicate me one Viola.")
>> Words from StarTrek have DEFINITELY caught on for other
>> in the past.
>> How come we have a 'Space Shuttle' ? The Enterprise
>>had handy
>> reusable 'Shuttles' that did the job of getting to and
>>from orbit from
>> the planet's surface carrying a handful of crew and/or a
>> cargo...pretty much exactly what our modern shuttle
>>does. The NASA
>> guys used that term because it had become descriptive
>>(they also
>> called the first prototype 'The Enterprise' - really
>>trekkies would
>> have gone with 'Gallileo').
>> 'Nanites' as a word for Nanotechnological Robots came
>>from StarTrek.
>> Everyone knows what a 'Holodeck' is - it's almost taken
>>over from
>> 'Virtual Reality' as a term for that kind of device.
>> I think 'Replicator' - 'Replicate' could catch
>>if only we
>> could get the voice controls ("Earl Grey - Hot"), the
>>pretty sparkly
>> light and the 3 second build time from *any* materials!
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