Re: [rp-ml] A public survey on terminology

From: Steve Baker (
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 03:40:52 EEST

Brock Hinzmann wrote:
> The flip-out design of many cell phones is certainly influenced by one
> of the Star Trek communicators.
> I'd like to see some of the medical devices they used come to fruition,'s a start. There was also a 'real, working' tricorder for sale
for a while:

    "A real-world device comparable to the tricorder
     was developed by the Canadian company Vital
    Technologies Corporation in 1996. Known as the
    TR-107 Mark 1, 10,000 of them were sold before
    the company went out of business. The TR-107 could
    scan electromagnetic radiation, temperature, and
    barometric pressure."

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