[rp-ml] Re: Maker Tools

From: Steve Baker (sjbaker1@airmail.net)
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 04:00:34 EEST

Brock Hinzmann wrote:
> Volume 03 of Make Magazine offers >>A complete list of tools you need to
> make almost anything<<, but prefaces it with >>The Maker's Ultimate
> Tools<< It highlights:
> 3D Printer $25,000 (zcorp.com)
> 3D Scanner $30,000 (kmpi.konicaminolta.us)
> Plasma Cutter $10,000 (toolking.com)
> Laser Cutter $19,900 (epiloglaser.com)
> Water Jet $100,000 (omax.com)

Yeah - it was a curious list.

They rated every toolkit item (and there were about a hundred of them)
from 'Necessity' through ranges of usefulness down to 'Can do without'.

But a CO2 laser cutter rated 'Priority' where a Torque wrench only
made 'Can do without'. If you are working on your car - you NEED
a torque wrench! I've managed very well without a CO2 laser cutter.

The list was kinda arbitary. It's hard to say that a MIG welder
is 'extremely useful' where a welding mask is 'can do without'!

If anyone here doesn't yet have a subscription to Make, let me put
in a *HUGE* plug for it. It's a 200 page paperback packed cover to
cover with useful/interesting stuff - and *almost* zero advertising.

Go to makezine.com

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