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From: Anand Dwarkanath (
Date: Wed Aug 31 2005 - 05:45:21 EEST

Dear Carl,
Apart from the SFF symposiums where i noticed there were an increasing no. of contributions in this area, your student could look at former research projects in this area, conducted in the UK too. I myself had worked on this topic for my research. Also one of the conferences held in April 2002 named "Metal powder deposition for rapid manufacturing" in Texas, USA which i attended then, had some interesting contributions in this area based on the LENS method of processing. A copy of that proceeding could be found with Loughborough's Rapid Manufacturing Research Group.
Anand Dwarkanath
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Adrian Bowyer <> wrote:
Quoting Carl Hauser :

> An MSc student of mine is planning to write a review of research on
> functional
> graded structures, with a view to investigating the feasibility of graduating
> material properties through a component. He is also interested in finding out
> if any research exists where build and/or part parameters have been tailored
> to
> control material properties.
> I would be very grateful for any references or full papers/articles on this
> subject area that I could pass onto him. Can I also stress that this is not a
> machine specific request, he is interested in research being conducted on all
> layer additive systems.

One thing he should definitely look at is biological materials. Almost every
organsim uses this trick (because it's so easy to do if you're building
bottom-up). Substances of particular note are bone, wood, insect cuticle, and
nacre (mother of pearl).


Adrian Bowyer

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