Re: [rp-ml] Looking for a CAD file...

From: prototipagem rapida (
Date: Tue Sep 13 2005 - 19:01:09 EEST

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply! Well, I want to buid a 3D prototype... can you make a 3D CAD file of an Orchid?


Bruno Araújo
DT - Desenvolvimento Tecnológico
Phone +351 244 545 600
Fax +351 244 545 601

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  Hi Bruno,

  Attached is a rendering of a flower that is more like a Lily than an Orchid, but I'm sure that I could draw what you want. What do you plan to do with it?

  On 9/13/05, prototipagem rapida <> wrote:
    Dear list,

    I am looking for a CAD file of an Orchid (or any flower that looks like one), in any file format. If anyone could help here, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks to all in advance.

    Best regards,

    Bruno Araújo
    DT - Desenvolvimento Tecnológico
    Phone +351 244 545 600
    Fax +351 244 545 601
  Best Regards
  Greg Pettengill
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