Re: [rp-ml] Looking for a CAD file...

From: Steve Baker (
Date: Wed Sep 14 2005 - 05:41:33 EEST

prototipagem rapida wrote:

> I am looking for a CAD file of an Orchid (or any flower that looks like
> one), in any file format. If anyone could help here, I would be very
> grateful.

Go to - type 'orchid' into the search box and
select '3D Models' in the 'Media Type' box. Hit "GO" and voila! 42 different
orchids to choose from - at prices from $13 to $300
depending on quality and format.

If you don't particularly care what kind of flower, just search for 'flower'
and you'll see 500 or so 3D flower models - many of which can be downloaded
for free.

If you do this a lot - get one of the sets of 50 different flower models
for $35.

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