RE: [rp-ml] Gluing duraform PA to aluminium..

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Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 16:00:52 EEST

I've found for joining different materials a two part cold weld (like JB
Weld) works really well. Draw back is it takes overnight to dry. However
it has stuck to everything I have tried other than PTFE.





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Subject: [rp-ml] Gluing duraform PA to aluminium..




Dear List.


We are building a structure of aluminium tubes (diameter 40 millimeter)
with joints made of duraform (sls).

The structure has 96 different joints made of duraform.

We do now have problems gluing the duraform joints to the aluminium

The glue stick to the duraform part but not to the aluminium tube. We
can easily twist of the tubes and hardly any glue are left on the
aluminium, but a lot on the duraform part.. Neither the contact between
glue and duraform, or the glue itself are breaking

The glue we are using is an acrylic based two component glue type from

We have cleaned the contact areas on the aluminium with acetone


The construction is 10 meter high so we need this to work...


Any suggestions?



Thanks for any help!


Steinar Killi

Ass. Prof

Oslo School of Design and Architecture

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