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Date: Thu Sep 15 2005 - 18:48:32 EEST

Yeah, sure!!

You can also try this one:

Good luck!

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Hi Bruno,

Would you like to tell us the website where you found the CAD file
of an orchid?


Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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Good morning to all,

First, let me thank you to all who replied so promptly to my mail. It's
great to see that the mailing list is still very active!

I was just looking for the 3D CAD file; the RP capacity is something that I
have in doors. This was something of a test that I wanted to make.
Fortunately, I manage to find the file on a web site (free of charge). Even
so, I am grateful to all who replied and I'll keep the contacts of each one,
for any future request on the subject (3D CAD files).

Best regards,
Bruno Araújo
DT - Desenvolvimento Tecnológico

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