Re: [rp-ml] Rough Z-Corp Finish

From: richard fletcher (
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 10:46:26 EEST

Thanks for all the replies; i shall try the cleaning of the carriage
although i'm sure we've recently just done that, but no harm in doing it
again. I shall also check the gears and belts and get back to you on how it

The stripe runs from the front to the back of the machine. It is a very thin
line as though one or two of the ink nozzles are blocked as the distance
stays constant, even after print head changes.

What i am also getting is a very rough surface finish in the Z height.
Approximately every 5mm in the z direction we get a lip appear on the model
as though the print head has overshot where it is supossed to print.

I am based in Nottingham, UK.

>From: Andrew Chantrill <>
>To: richard fletcher <>
>Subject: Re: [rp-ml] Rough Z-Corp Finish
>Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 17:39:53 +0100
>Which direction does the stripe run? How wide is the stripe? Have you
>checked the carriage belt and gears are clean?
>BTW, where do you work?
>Andrew Chantrill
>T2M Limited
>Waterloo Close
>St. Mawes
>TR2 5BD
>P: 01326 270712
>F: 01326 270102
>M: 0777 557 0010
>On 15 Sep 2005, at 16:47, richard fletcher wrote:
>>Hi everyone
>>I am running a Z-Corp Z402 and have been getting a problem with the
>>quality of finish with the models, as well as the parts being extremely
>>weak. We are running the saturation levels as instructed, but there
>>appears to be a thin stripe of binder which is missing from every sweep
>>the print head does on every layer. We've changed the print head and
>>cleaned the contacts but it always seems to give the same results. Does
>>anyone know whether it's likely to be the print head carriage and/or the
>>ribbon cable which attaches it to the head card?
>>Many thanks in advance.
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